Bulk Yard Infrastructure Revitalization and Expansion Project

2021 PIDP Grant Application


Senator Rand Paul – US Senate

Senator Jason Howell – US Senate

Governor Andy Beshear – Governor of Kentucky

Secretary Jim Gray – Transportation Secretary of Kentucky

Congressman James Comer – Kentucky District 1

Senator Danny Carroll – Kentucky District 2

Senator Whitney Westerfield – Kentucky District 3

Steven Rudy – Kentucky Majority Floor Leader and Kentucky 1st District Representative

Randy Bridges – Kentucky 3rd District Representative

Mary Beth Imes – Kentucky 5th District Representative

Chris Freeland – Kentucky 6th District Representative

W. Walker Thomas – Kentucky 8th District Representative

Myron Dossett – Kentucky 9th District Representative

John Stevens – Tennessee 24th Senatorial District Representative

Tandy Darby – Tennessee 76th Senatorial District Representative

U.S. Congressman Mike Bost – 12th District, Illinois

Dave Severin – Illinois 117th District State Representative

Patrick Windhorst – Illinois 118th District State Representative

B. Mitchell Mays – Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority

Aimee Andres – Executive Director, Inland Rivers Ports & Terminals, Inc.

Justin Lampert- Manager, American Waterways Operators

Jeremy Buchanan – Executive Director, Purchase Area Development District

Craig Clymer, McCracken County Judge Executive

James Arndt, City Manager, City of Paducah

Carsten Wehling, Chief Operating Officer, Superior Graphite Co.

Guy Kuhn, Chief Executive Officer, Southern FS, Inc.

Gene Whelan, General Manager, Pine Bluff Materials Co.

Jeff Thomas, Sales Manager, Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Company

Dr. Anton Reece, Chair of the Board, Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce

Sandra Wilson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce

Todd Cooper, Ballard County Judge Executive

William Paxton, Chair of the Board, Paducah-McCracken County Riverport Authority

Scott Garrett, Executive Director, Massac-Metropolis Port District

Mayor Rance Phillips, City of Brookport, Illinois

Mayor Don Canada, City of Metropolis, Illinois

Mayor Sue Sandusky, Joppa, Illinois

Wade White, Lyon County Judge Executive

Terry Greg, Carlisle County Judge Executive

Kenny Wilson, Hickman County Judge Executive

Kevin Neal, Marshall County Judge Executive

Perry Newcom, Crittenden County Judge Executive


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